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7 Warning Signs You Have An Insulin Resistance That’s Preventing You From Losing Weight

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Your inability to lose weight may be due to insulin resistance. Find out if you have or are at risk for insulin resistance by reading this article if you have a love/hate relationship with carbohydrates.

Are you resistant to insulin? Even with a correct diagnosis, it’s challenging to give a simple yes/no response.

Diagnosing Insulin Resistance

There are a few methods your doctor can diagnose insulin resistance before giving you the insulin resistance self-test. These tests frequently give false-positive results or false negative results, and they aren’t always decisive.

1. Waist Circumference

a reasonably easy test that tells you whether your waist measurement is larger than 35 inches.

2. Fasting Glucose Levels

One of the most popular tests used to check your blood sugar levels after a short fast. You may have insulin resistance if your blood sugar is higher than normal (75–100 mg/dl).

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