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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that every year in the US alone, 610,000 people pass away from heart-related conditions. Heart disease affects both men and women for a variety of factors linked to a certain lifestyle. But there are numerous indications and cautions that should alert us to potential heart problems.

You should be aware of these 8 highly common heart disease warning symptoms if you notice them, according to Clamotion.

1. Pain that spreads to the arm

While most women suffer the same discomfort in one or both arms, many males only feel it in their left arm. In addition, several ladies have claimed to have had an odd elbow ache before to a heart attack. This occurs as a result of your brain becoming confused when your heart discomfort travels to your spinal cord, which is connected to numerous bodily nerves, leading it to believe that your arm is actually in pain when it isn’t.

2. Coughing that won’t quit

In addition to being a symptom of cardiovascular illness, coughing may result from a number of different conditions. Heart failure frequently results in persistent coughing that discharges a pinkish liquid that contains blood. Coughing, however, is a far less dangerous symptom of dyspnea and abrupt weight loss.

3. Extreme and unusual levels of anxiety

According to numerous studies, those who experience severe anxiety from a young age are more likely to develop heart disease. A extremely stressful lifestyle or a number of conditions, such as panic disorder and phobic anxiety, can both contribute to anxiety. Anxiety can have a number of negative consequences on your heart, such as tachycardia, elevated blood pressure, and slowed heart rate.

4. Swollen legs, ankles, and feet.

Your legs and feet are the most frequently affected areas simply because of gravity when your heart is not functioning properly because fluid from your blood vessels spills into the nearby tissues. Peripheral edema is what it’s known as, and many people who have it don’t have heart problems. However, individuals with heart problems frequently experience it, so you should pay particular attention to it.

5. Lack of appetite and feeling nauseous.

Even after only a few bites of food, many heart disease patients exhibit a lack of appetite and/or nausea. The cause of that is an accumulation of fluid around the liver and intestines that prevents normal digestion. If you experience all of these symptoms at once, you should see a doctor very away because stomach pain frequently follows these symptoms.

In individuals with heart disease, feeling dizzy and losing consciousness are fairly common. When the heart does not pump blood efficiently, it is because an artery is blocked or a valve has narrowed. Call a doctor right away if you ever have shortness of breath or faint for a brief amount of time.

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