The Luckiest Day Of The Week For All Zodiac Signs, May 16 – May 22, 2022


This week brings the auspicious Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the new zodiac season of Gemini.

These two events fill you with a sense of courage and liberation.

The luck this week will not be hard to miss as the hands of fate are hard at work during times of eclipses.

Lunar Eclipses represent emotional or mental change. A sudden end to feelings or beliefs changes everything is incredibly likely.

This can also apply to others who experience a light bulb moment that provides a defining moment in their own life.

Courage is high this week as eclipses also make you more bold and able to embrace your authentic truth with the authority necessary to take on whatever life brings.

The eclipse is celebrated during the evening of May 15th but will linger throughout the 16th as well.

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Pay very close attention to conversations and opportunities during this time as the universe will be working overtime for you to help deliver you exactly to the moment that you need to be in.


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